Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading – Tommy Greenwald

Charlie Joe Jackson is a young man with morals, scruples and a relentless determination NOT to read.  He’s a smart cookie.  Smart enough to know where the lines in the sand are.  He’s worked out the rules to pretty much everything.  How to keep the teachers happy, how to keep his parents happy, how to keep his friends happy, and most importantly, how to never read a book.

Author, Tommy Greenwald, maintains that he wrote the book for his three boys Charlie, Joe and Jack, because they were not keen readers.  They have read this one – they say…

Check out Tommy Greenwald and Charlie Joe Jackson at the author’s website:

Charlie Joe Jackson (guess where his name comes from) reminds me of my 14 year old son and, actually, of a lot of other kids I know.  Which is why I read the book.  I have to say, though, that I laughed out loud so often as I read the book, that my older son, nearly 19, took my Kindle, to read it.  This is a great book.  There is no hidden agenda to get anyone reading against their will [apparently] and there is an acknowledgement that reading isn’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea’  – you have to read the book!

It confronts some pretty good topics, in a kind of slick ‘don’t look too hard or you might actually be thinking’ kind of way.

Charlie Joe admits the adults in his life are human, and some of them are pretty cool.  There’s no generation war, just a battle of the wits.  He’s not about to argue, just to find another way…

There’s a great little plot twist at the end, but from my point of view, the best thing about this book is that it is NOT preachy.  Charlie Joe does not (sorry – slight plot spoiler) become converted to reading, but he does end up doing something pretty amazing.

This is the first book in what is turning into a great little series – more to come!

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading


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