LIANZA Children’s Book Awards – 2013

Finalists were announced on May 24th.  Winners will be announced August 5th.

Awarded by Librarians for outstanding children’s literature in New Zealand, the LIANZA Awards are for excellence in Junior Fiction, young adult fiction, illustration, non-fiction and te reo Maori.

To read more about the LIANZA awards click here.

There are quite a few titles represented here, that were also nominees for the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards.

LIANZA Junior Fiction Award – Esther Glen Medal

The Queen and the Nobody Boy: A tale of Fontania, by Barbara Else (Gecko Press)

Drover’s Quest, by Susan Brocker (HarperCollins Publishers (NZ) LTD)

When Empire Calls, by Ken Catran, (Scholastic NZ Ltd)

Red Rocks, by Rachael King, (Random House New Zealand)

The ACB with Honora Lee, by Kate de Goldi (Random House New Zealand)

Lightning Strikes: The Slice, by Rose Quilter, (Walker Books Australia)


LIANZA Young Adult Fiction Award

My Brother’s War, by David Hill (Penguin NZ)

The Nature of Ash, by Mandy Hagar (Random House New Zealand)

Marked, by Denis Martin (Walker Books Australia)

Earth Dragon, Fire Hare, by Ken Catran (Harper Collins Publishers (NZ) Ltd)

Snakes and Ladders, by Mary-anne Scott (Scholastic NZ Ltd)


I am disappointed not to see ‘Reach’ by Hugh Brown on the YA list.  I thought this book was well deserving of its Best First Book Award at the NZ Post Children’s book awards, because it was courageous enough to be something quite different – no dystopia, no fantasy, no elite boarding schools or wars.  Well done, Mr Brown!

To be honest, I’m also a little surprised ‘Into the River’ is not here.  While I appreciate the controversy surrounding the book, the writing is of much better quality than many of the nominees in the YA category.

My mission now, is to go and read the books that I haven’t yet.  I will try to post reviews as soon as I can.




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One response to “LIANZA Children’s Book Awards – 2013

  1. So, I went to our local public library to find some of these titles, since my book budget has taken quite a beating recently. Wouldn’t you know it!? Not a single one of the titles I haven’t read is even in our library, let alone checked out. I was appalled…but will find a way to track them down. Since I calculate I have spent about $1 000.00 on books so far this year, it won’t be by buying them, though!

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